“Insights de Comunicação” is a book that addresses the current context of lack of coherence in the way we communicate (which generates ineffectiveness of the message with the target), and lack of rigor in the information that we are bombarded with every day. It presents good corporate communication management practices and advice for a good reputation, for people, companies or countries.

Questions such as: what we say and how we say it; what perception we pass; the fake news; the value of the data; how do we reach stakeholders; how can we involve the real brand ambassadors, the employees; marketing causes; crisis communication; new communication trends, digital platforms (how they can manipulate behavior and opinions, even at political level), new leaderships and the necessary skills, are, among others, topics covered in depth.

Knowing how to communicate (managers, politicians) has never been as important as it is now, to be successful in the medium and long term! The book is the result of experience accumulated over several years and analyzes the current world, which changed in 2020.

Deepen your knowledge and discover why it is essential to invest in good communication to leverage your business. Good reading!


Carla Guedes is a communication consultant with a vast experience working with international companies and public institutions in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique (eg.: press officer at the Portuguese Ministry of Economic Affairs). Carla began her career as a journalist – RTP|TV, Expresso, Diário Económico, among other newspapers – focusing her work on financial subjects.

Four years later she took the challenge to work as Communication Director for several portuguese PR Companies growing her experience in Corporate Communication, Crisis Management, Public Affairs, both at national and international levels.

In 2004 Carla founded, and managed for years, the PR agency “Reputation, Corporate Communication“.

Since 2018 Carla manages the communication of ISQ, an international Group of TIC (testing, inspection and certification).

Her areas of expertise are communication & reputation issues.
Carla also loves to dance, walking by the sea, sports (yoga and pilates), testing challenges, learning, sharing knowledge, being able to make a difference in community projects.

I am the size of what I see, not the size of my height
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“Insights de Comunicação” 

is a book that addresses the current context of lack of coherence in the way we communicate