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“Stories build bridges. When the story ends and the teller’s voice is silenced, the bridge between
teller and listener remains.”

Elaine Blanchard


Taylor made public relations and corporate communication, designed to raise
awareness and notoriety to your brand and business in prestigious media outlets.

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Nowadays digital communication it’s indispensable to most organizations. It involves all online communication efforts. Most organizations today use a wide range of online channels (website, blog, social networks) to connect with customers, employees, and other stakeholders


Content writing is the process of planning, writing and editing content for digital. It can include writing blog posts and articles, scripts for videos and podcasts, as well as content for other specific platforms.


Media Relations pursues publicity, reputation and visibility that benefits a client through mass media. Mass media is the best channel for reaching out to everyone, because audiences view media coverage as a credible source.

We use Public Relations to support a business or an individual to develop a positive reputation with the public. That can be achieved through various channels, including: traditional media, social media, and in-person engagements. PR also helps clients to defend their reputation during a crisis that threatens their credibility, reputation and notoriety.


Crisis management is the identification of a threat to an organization and its stakeholders, and the methods used by that same organization, and/or a partner, like a PR Agency, to deal with these threats. Crisis management often requires decisions to be made within a short time frame, and often after an event has already taken place. In order to reduce uncertainty in the event of a crisis, organizations often create a crisis management plan.


It’s about helping people to communicate an authentic message with their public, partners, employees, and stakeholders, while remaining disciplined and minimizing unnecessary distractions. It provides the tools to deliver a credible message. Media training also teaches how to avoid errors and missteps that can derail even the most experienced spokespersons, and gives them the skills that guarantees that a message lands where and how it was intended. It empowers a spokesperson with the abilities to share the mission of an organization with the public, thought the press and media.


Strategic communication includes a variety of communication-related areas, such as public relations, brand communication, advertising, and more. It can be defined by “the purposeful use of communication by an organization to fulfill its mission” (Kirk Hallahan).

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today”.
Robert McAfee

Clients, Friends
and Partners

For Reputation, communication and storytelling are the best ways of generation awareness and notoriety for projects, businesses and brands.
A good story told wrong, forwarded to the wrong journalist, or the wrong media outlet, is close to nothing. We believe in strategy, in finding the right angle for the correct target audience. 

At Reputation we love to talk to our clients, and pairs, and listen to them. We believe in proximity, in people, in good causes, in doing the right thing the right way.

The ability to innovate, professionalism, pro activity and flexibility are key words to define Reputation. Our partnership with Reputation has been precious to Renault Portugal in the area of corporate communication and public affairs.

Ricardo Oliveira

Communication and Image Manager, Renault Portugal

Rigor, Competence, Professionalism, Proximity, Availability.

Pedro Almeida Matias

CEO, Grupo ISQ

REPUTATION’s collaboration with ASAVAL has been guided by professionalism and proactivity, contributing to improve the Association’s communication with its various stakeholders.

Carlos Calvário

Secretary General, ASAVAL

My experience with Reputation is very positive. I have had a great accompaniment by the whole team, with a great dedication to our brand and looking for appropriate solutions to the services we provide. We have received very correct and original suggestions, which demonstrates that Reputation combines proactivity and creativity in an optimal balance, having managed to achieve all the objectives that we have set for them since the beginning of this collaboration that I hope will continue for a long time. They are to be congratulated.

Mariana Morgado Pedroso


I had never used services like the ones Reputation provides, but clearly, I don’t need to look for more companies in the area. At a time of great uncertainty like this pandemic, Sérgio and Reputation, in an agile, simple and ultra-professional way, gave visibility to the work of 3DWays and FullCycle as we had never expected. It resulted in many strategic partnerships, new businesses and an increase in the value of our service in our target markets.

Congratulations Sérgio and the entire team that takes companies to new heights for the excellent work they have done. I will certainly be a recurring customer and recommend it.

Francisco Tenente

CEO & Managing Partner @3DWAYS , CTO & Managing Partner @FULLCYCLE

The collaboration and monitoring of Reputatution allowed Almadesign to increase the visibility of its projects and services through the appropriate means and channels, in a specialized area in which generalist responses are not a solution.

José Rui Marcelino

CEO & Design Manager, ALMADESIGN

The professionalism, quality and rigor of the work developed in the scope of the partnership with ISCAL are distinguishing characteristics of Reputation. More than merely a communication agency, Reputation has proved to be an important partner in the development of the institution’s mission.

Pedro Pinheiro

Vice President, ISCAL

Reputation’s enthusiasm, professionalism and commitment to publicizing the successes of Católica Lisbon is the greatest proof of the true team spirit that unites the two institutions. Reputation and Católica Lisbon have built, over the years, an excellent partnership relationship.

Fátima Barros


A partner in success, before distress comes.

António Vilar

Law Firm - António Vilar & Associados

The essential entrepreneurial skills for success are concentration, organization, innovation and communication”
Michael Faraday


Email: sm@reputation.pt

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“Great Communication is the Life Blood of high-performing organizations”
Andrew O’Shaughnessy

“Insights de Comunicação” 

is a book that addresses the current context of lack of coherence in the way we communicate