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reputacao Why is Reputation such an important value?
  • A strong image contributes to business success. It denotes values such as responsibility, honesty and credibility in the eyes of stakeholders.
  • It reinforces the level of favourability.
  • It helps to overcome crisis situations due to confidence building.
  • Reputation creates lasting relations.

What is Reputation management?

Corporative reputation is the perception that each group of interests (both internal and external) has on a specific company. It's a direct result of the company´s "behavior" throughout its existence and illustrates the ability it has had to demonstrate its values and to transform groups of interest into potential allies. It is, in a nutshell, the best measure of its behavior in a global market context.

Reputation management should thus be given a significant importance, due to its role in helping to reinforce a set of characteristics that are the pillars of every enterprise: financial performance (competitiveness, profit, growth), emotional appeal (respect, admiration and trust), vision and leadership (management qualities), corporative culture (the ability to attract and retain talent), social responsibility (commitment to the community), products and services (quality and innovation).