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adn Why is Reputation such an important value?
  • A strong image contributes to business success. It denotes values such as responsibility, honesty and credibility in the eyes of stakeholders.
  • It reinforces the level of favourability.
  • It helps to overcome crisis situations due to confidence building.
  • Reputation creates lasting relations.


Communication is, at our time and age, a "critical" instrument in the practice of business management.

The "game" of opinions, public and published, has been given an increasing significance in the businesses and images of companies, since it interferes with their identity and reputation, and has an enormous effect on their outcomes. In this context, the mission of strategic management consists in positioning the company, and building, reinforcing or improving its identity with its different target audiences in a manner that it may grant the company distinctive characteristics.

In the current social and economic context, competition is at its greatest point. The manager is asked to be a "master" at perception management when it comes to his company and its brands - meaning, the opinions/messages that are published/transmitted and those that come from business partners and the competition. This means that one should always invest in image and reputation and also be prepared for possible future crisis situations.