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pontes Why is Reputation such an important value?
  • A strong image contributes to business success. It denotes values such as responsibility, honesty and credibility in the eyes of stakeholders.
  • It reinforces the level of favourability.
  • It helps to overcome crisis situations due to confidence building.
  • Reputation creates lasting relations.

Reputation: you only know what it is worth, when it lies in tatters.

This was the headline of this year's March issue of Financial Times when it presented the results of a poll taking into account the input of 100 European Companies, and in which was concluded that most of them gave little to no thought to the threats that could arise to their reputation, with dire repercussions to their business. Only 22% had a defined strategy when it came to issues of image, reputation and crisis management." In CSR Magazine, June 2003.

Reputation is the greatest asset to any business, and as important as financial performance. The time has come to put Reputation Management amongst your business plan´s top priorities.

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